Fast speed dial linking machine

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30years experience in designing and manufacturing linking machine, this machine is characterized by high speed, high efficiency, energy saving and stability. For enterprise production to provide higher and faster work efficiency, create higher production value. The servo motor rotates at 0-1200 speed per minute, and can be adjusted continuously to achieve man-machine integration, super high space and rotary space.

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This latest generation of fast linking  machine includes a frame, the frame is divided into two parts, one is used to fix the big bent needle transmission structure, the other part is used to fix the needle plate and its transmission mechanism and unloading sleeve mouth mechanism;  The large bent needle transmission structure includes a bent needle mechanism, a crochet mechanism and the transmission mechanism of the two;  Sewing machine, driven by a motor directly no longer restricted by belt drive, can be easily improved tray sewing machine running speed, followed by two motor rotating and greater curvature respectively drive the needle movement, through the two power source to reduce the complex driving mechanism, make the score plate of compact and simple structure, speed is improved, also reduced the noise tray sewing machine running at a high speed, and at the same time  Small motor load, thus saving energy, improve the efficiency of plate sewing machine, greatly improve the economic benefits.  

Products Features

1. High speed, high efficiency, energy saving and stability;
2. For you to improve work efficiency and create higher household value; 
3. Computer servo motor q-1200 turn per minute, arbitrary adjustment, stepless change, to achieve man-machine integration; 
4. Superelevation space and rotation space.


Technical Parameters

Gauge  3G 5G 7G 12G 9G 10G 14G 16G 18G
Speed 800RPM-1200RPM
Motor mode Servo motor
Speed adjustment Auto adjust by operator control
diameter 14 inches
Weight 30kg
Package size 20 * 24.5 * 10 inches

Safety operation rules for plate sewing machine (translation required)

1. scope  
This regulation stipulates the working conditions, preparation before operation, operation requirements, inspection and other safety operation requirements of the factory staff.  
2. Application scope  
This regulation applies to the operating personnel of this position.  
3. Job safety requirements  
① When changing the adjusting belt on the plate sewing machine, the long-haired woman should coil up her hair to avoid being involved by the rotating pulley.  
② The sewing plate workers shall cover the machine with guard plate when they come off work or leave to prevent scratching.  
③ Machine protection cover shall be installed on machine  
④ When the machine is running, the motor protection isolation plate on the machine seat shall not be opened.  

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